Why You Should Conduct and Asset Search Before You Sign a Prenuptial Agreement

Are you getting married? Maybe you are considering signing a prenuptial agreement because your future spouse or their family has asked you to? Does your spouse have business assets or liabilities? Sometimes this can be a blindsiding event or an afterthought.   Suppose you find yourself marrying into a family with a reasonable amount of wealth, […]

Can I Conduct a Search for a Missing Person?

Finding a missing person whether it is a former business associate, client, witness or family member is no easy task. It involves contacting the police, reaching out to friends and relatives, checking hospitals and registering on the missing persons databases, and going on social media.  It often is a very time sensitive for businesses and […]

Why Divorce Lawyers should Conduct an Asset Search

If you are a Family Lawyer working with a client on a divorce and they tell you they suspect that their spouse is hiding assets, then here are some of the ways you can advise them and help them locate hidden assets.  The first place you can start is with an asset search. A good […]
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