Hiring An Asset Search Company that Understands an Attorney’s Needs

Hiring An Asset Search Company that Understands an Attorney’s Needs When attorneys conduct asset searches, relying on a company that truly comprehends their needs is of utmost importance. Asset search reports should not only be timely and convenient, they should make it easier for attorneys to make well-informed decisions that impact clients’ cases, whether it […]

5 Reasons Why an Asset Search is a Valuable Tool for a Probate Attorney or an Executor to an Estate

  Identifying and Locating Assets: When administering an estate, it is crucial to identify and locate all the assets owned by the deceased person. An asset search helps the probate attorney uncover any assets that may not be immediately apparent or known to the beneficiaries. It allows them to create a comprehensive inventory of the […]

4 Reasons Why Personal Injury Attorneys Choose to Conduct an Asset Search on the Tortfeasor

Personal injury attorneys may choose to conduct an asset search on the tortfeasor (the party responsible for causing the injury) for several reasons. Here are some key points explaining why this search can be beneficial: Recovery of damages: One of the primary objectives of a personal injury lawsuit is to obtain compensation for the injured […]

4 Reasons to Conduct an Asset Search

Asset searches are an important tool for attorneys in many different areas of law. Whether it is personal injury, probate administration, business due diligence, divorce or other legal matters. Attorneys often conduct an asset search to assist their clients in obtaining the best possible outcome in determining the assets and liabilities of a subject. In […]

How to Find a Asset Search Company That You Can Trust

When you need to conduct an asset search, it is important to choose a qualified asset search company that you can trust. With so many options available online, it is important to do your research to ensure that you select a company that will provide you with accurate, legal, and reliable results. Asset Searches Plus, […]

How Easy is it to Conduct an Asset Search?

An asset search may seem complicated, but to order the right type of search for you needs does not have to be. Many attorneys or their clients order an asset search to satisfy their “due diligence” in determining the assets and liabilities of an individual or a business. This is especially important to a plaintiff […]

Why Outsourcing an Asset Search is Essential for the Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys have enough on their minds during a personal injury case including whether to accept an insurance offer for the insureds’ policy limits. They are under pressure to get the best outcome for their clients, who are also under stress for obvious reasons. Their clients may have severe injuries and may be on […]

Personal Injury Lawyers Beware: Business Owners May Be Tempted to Hide Assets in a Downturn

What if the business where your client sustained their injuries is hiding assets to make it look like they cannot compensate your client? During an economic downturn it is not far-fetched to imagine that some individuals and businesses will be guarding their assets more closely. If your client does not have adequate insurance cover and […]

Why You Should Conduct an Asset Search at the Outset of a Divorce

Hidden or undisclosed assets are common in a divorce. It is all too easy for one spouse to move assets out of their name by transferring them to family members and business partners. To ensure that nothing is left on the table divorce attorneys should conduct an asset search at the start of the process. […]

Is it Worth It to Do an Asset Search for a Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Accident Client?

The answer to this question is yes. But why? A personal injury attorney may object that the client is refusing to pay for trivial things that would benefit them, like doing an asset search. However, the costs of doing an asset search pale in comparison to the possibility that assets to attach could be found […]
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