Satisfy Your Due Dilgence With an Asset Search When Settling A Case

Many personal injury claims will settle before the end of the year. How do you find out if your client should take the case to trial or settle? Using an asset search can help you satisfy your “due diligence” so your client can come to the proper decision about whether to move forward with a […]

Hidden Assets in a Divorce and the need for an Asset Search

An unfortunate reality of divorce litigation is that not all soon-to-be-ex-spouses are honest. The combination of acrimony and money matters in divorce drives less-than-transparent behavior in people already prone to dishonesty. The economic uncertainty in today’s world has a direct impact on people’s pocket via inflation, higher interest rates and the tumbling price of cryptocurrency. […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an Asset Search in A Slip and Fall Case or Premises Liability Case

If you are representing a client who has been injured on another person’s property, a lot of information needs to be verified before determining who is responsible for their injuries. You need to be confident that your client is pursuing the right strategy to receive compensation for their injuries, pain, and suffering, and that means […]

Choosing the Right Asset Search Company

When looking to conduct an asset search, it is important to carefully choose a qualified asset search company to assist you. The internet has become second nature for the majority, making it easy for someone to create a website that could potentially scam you or provide invaluable information. Therefore, it is important to research the […]

Bank Account Searches: Are They Permissible?

Lawyers and other professionals contact our office every day and ask whether it is permissible for an asset search company or private investigator to conduct bank, stock, bond or mutual fund account searches on a subject. The short answer is “no”.  Not only is conducting a bank, stock, bond, or mutual fund search considered to […]

What If Your Client’s Insurance Does Not Pay for Their Injuries?

Insurance coverage is something most people do not have to think about until something goes wrong. People sign forms, opt in, or opt out, and then forget about it. When your client undergoes an injury from a car accident, slip and fall or some other injury caused by someone else’s negligence, suddenly these decisions can […]

What Is an Estate Inventory and How Can an Asset Search Can Help You Make One?

When a person dies, the executor or personal representative of the estate is tasked with recording the estate of the decedent with the probate court so the court can approve estate distributions to the heirs. It is necessary for the executor to file an estate inventory with the court, which is just what it sounds […]

Asset Search Mitigates the Risk of Being a Personal Representative

An Asset Search Can Help Manage the Risks of Being a Personal Representative When you learn that your relative has chosen you to be the personal representative or executor of the estate, your first reaction could be to feel honored. It is a positive thing that your relative has placed their trust in you. However, […]

4 Reasons to Use an Asset Search in a Personal Injury Case

4 Reasons to Conduct an Asset Search in a Personal Injury Case When your client has suffered a personal injury and relies on you for counsel, you must do your “due diligence” and assess the value of the case. There are a number of reasons why an asset search is not only desirable, but also […]

Is it Worth It to Pursue a Dog Bite Case?

Dog bite cases can cause great harm and distress to those who are the victim of the injury. For young children, the injuries can be particularly serious. Unfortunately, a mishap involving a dog also involves the owner of the dog. If you are a personal injury attorney representing a client who needs to sue for […]
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