Why You Should Use an Asset Search in a Complex Divorce Case

When a divorce client is going through an asset intensive, complex divorce, their spouse may have selective amnesia regarding the full extent of their assets and business interests. A quick and cost-effective asset search can spell out the assets and liabilities of your subject and provide a road map for conducting further discovery. Prosecuting a […]

Conducting an Asset Search

Discover all you need to know about conducting an “asset search” using our free and informative “Guide to Asset Searches.” Topics include the following: What to look for in an Asset Search Company It is important to research the asset search company that you are using to make sure it will give you the results […]

Why You Should Conduct an Asset Search Before Hiring a Key Employee

Hiring someone to join the team means putting your trust in an employee who will have the keys to some of the company’s most sensitive data. This person will also be a decision-maker who could influence the direction of the company. Not only that, but according to federal sentencing guidelines organizations must exercise “reasonable” due […]

Asset Search Due Diligence

Now that the New Year is upon us, satisfy your “due diligence” on your personal injury cases and get those asset searches completed. For those of you who are employed in the personal injury profession, conducting a thorough asset search is critical in protecting yourself from a potential lawsuit from your own client someday. Many […]

Whether to File a Lawsuit against an Individual or a Company Who Owes You Money

You have had a business deal go south and unfortunately have lost money. You have decided that you want to file a lawsuit against an individual or a company or both, for the unpaid bills they owe you. Your hope is to recoup your losses and be made whole. The first thing you need to […]

Why You Should Conduct an Asset Search Before Buying a Business

If you are thinking about purchasing a business, your first and primary focus may be to determine the assets and liabilities of your target entity. This applies as well if your company is in a growth stage and plans to merge and buy another company. You have finally helped identify the business that they are […]

Why Conducting an Asset Search on a Child Support Matter is Critical?

Are you a Single Parent Struggling to Make Ends Meet? A Quick and Inexpensive Asset Search Could Help You with Your Child Support Matter.  If you are a single parent who has sole custody of your kids and you can’t contact your ex or have a poor relationship with them, it may be a struggle […]

Why a Good Family Law Attorney Should Always Conduct an Asset Search on a Business Owner

If you are a family law attorney collaborating with a client on a divorce, then you or your client may have concerns about the other side’s “selective amnesia” regarding their assets and liabilities. This can be especially true if your client was not the primary breadwinner in the relationship and their spouse is a business […]

What Executors (Personal Representatives) Need to Know About Asset Searches During Probate

When your loved one has passed on, you may be named as executor or (personal representative) of their estate. Losing a loved one is already difficult and acting as an executor entails certain responsibilities which can make this process even more arduous. Usually, the first step for a Personal Representative in probating an estate is […]

Why Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Clients in Car Accidents Should do an Asset Search

Your client has been in a car crash. She has serious back and neck injuries which may keep her out of work indefinitely. She has limited insurance coverage and is worried that she is going to run out of money to treat her injuries and keep up with her expenses. The driver was in the […]
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