How much does an Asset Search Cost?

Are you considering an asset search? But you are wondering how much does an asset search cost? Most asset searches cost between $165 to $350. At Asset Searches Plus, Inc. an asset search on an individual person costs $185 per subject and a corporate asset search costs $165. We are an industry-leading online provider of […]

When to Conduct a Personal Injury Asset Search

What do you do if your client suffers a slip and fall accident at a local business… in reference to an asset search? 2020 has been a difficult time in Massachusetts and throughout the nation. People are going back outside in significant numbers now and this will continue into the Fall and Winter. What will […]

Uncovering Hidden Assets in a Divorce Including Real Estate, Boats, Planes, Automobiles and other Tangible Assets

If you and your spouse have decided to seek a divorce it is important to do your homework so that all assets from the marriage can be divided equitably between you both. Due diligence is important and if you have reviewed your spouse’s tax return with your attorney, then you may be able to see […]
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