When looking to conduct an asset search, it is important to carefully choose a qualified asset search company to assist you. The internet has become second nature for the majority, making it easy for someone to create a website that could potentially scam you or provide invaluable information. Therefore, it is important to research the company that you are using to make sure it will give you the results you are seeking.

The time that a company has been in business can tell you a lot about their experience. More likely than not, a company that has been in business for 10+ years will have already learned the do’s and don’ts regarding how the business functions, as opposed to a company that has just started. You should be sure to ask any potential asset search provider this question.

It is also important to choose a company that is knowledgeable in more than just providing the results, but giving you advice on how to interpret and implement them. Companies with attorneys on board can give you a basic roadmap as to how to go about using the report that you are given, whether it be to satisfy a judgment, recover unpaid child support or validate a party’s financial statement. 

Convenience is another key point to consider. A company with an easy to use website, helpful customer service, and a small turnaround time is beneficial when trying to get results quickly. They should be able to accommodate you if you do not have access to a computer. 

Finally, you should ask yourself these questions before choosing an asset search company:

1.) Does the company only use “legal” and reliable sources and methods to conduct their searches?
2.) Do they stand behind the quality of their work?
3.) Does all work remain confidential?
4.) Do they provide a professional looking report that you will be eager to read or share with your client?

If the company that you are considering meets these expectations, it is safe to say that you have made a great choice.

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