Oftentimes, a spouse will hide assets when going through divorce proceedings. Asset searches can help you identify hidden or non-disclosed assets. AssetSearchesPlus.com is run by attorneys for attorneys to help them best assist their clients in finding assets and liabilities. This can become more complicated when the divorce involves business owners, high-net worth individuals, and those with personal trusts or foreign holdings.

The spouse who has not been in control of the family’s finances may be at a disadvantage in a divorce and an asset search can minimize this. Legal discovery, such as requests for bank statements or tax transcripts will leave one party with an incomplete picture of the other’s assets. An asset search will identify additional assets that one party may be omitting in order to seem less well off, and to avoid an equal division of wealth amongst the couple. Asset Searches can be used in discovery when drafting interrogatories, document requests, or request for admissions, to remove selective amnesia by the other side, from the equation. An asset search will also uncover tangible assets (such as real property, motor vehicles, boats, planes, trademarks etc.) and business interests (shell corporations and limited liability companies and trusts). Personal trusts or commercial assets of privately owned companies may also be located.

Occasionally, more advanced methods are used to hide assets from being pinpointed during a divorce. Sometimes, a partner will hide assets by sending them to third parties; family members, businesses associates, or third parties – for “temporary safekeeping.” They may even create custodial accounts using their child’s social security number to disguise assets. Individuals who have private businesses may have even more options to cloak their assets. They may make loans to the business and then report a ‘loss’. Another strategy they might employ would be to transfer their personal assets to company pensions, profit-sharing, or 401-K plans.

Asset Searches Plus aids divorce attorneys, divorce mediators, and divorcing couples in confirming assets or in finding unreported or otherwise hidden assets, and identifying entities that may be holding assets.

 The cost for most asset searches is less than $ 200. Visit us today at www.assetsearchesplus.com  or call us today for more information at (800) 290-1012. You can also email us at info@assetsearchesplus.com. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in determining what type of search is best suited for your case and assess the results if needed.

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