As 2016 winds down, this is a good time to revisit those cases on your desk to see whether they can settle or suit has to be filed. Whether your case is a personal injury action or a collections matter, conducting an asset search will assist you in making your decision to file or settle. There may be limited insurance on your claim requiring you to conduct an asset search to satisfy your due diligence to see if there are additional assets to be attached to make your client whole. Failure to do so may result in unwanted litigation from your client. An asset search only takes a few days to conduct and costs less than $ 200 per subject and can be ordered online from your office. After you receive your results back by email, you will know whether there are additional assets or liabilities associated with your tortfeasor. Now you can make an educated decision to settle your case with the insurance company now that the year is coming to an end or, in the alternative, file suit and attach assets that may later satisfy your claim. For more information on conducting an asset search, please download our Guide on everything that you need to know on conducting an asset search.  
What is an Asset Search?