Are you a Single Parent Struggling to Make Ends Meet? A Quick and Inexpensive Asset Search Could Help You with Your Child Support Matter. 

If you are a single parent who has sole custody of your kids and you can’t contact your ex or have a poor relationship with them, it may be a struggle to get child support. You may also be going through a divorce and dealing with an intransigent ex who is forcing you to spend your money on legal fees and refusing to cough up child support or spousal support.

If you are going through a divorce or have an ex that is not paying child support, a quick and inexpensive asset search could help you determine whether your ex is being transparent about their ability to pay. Asset searches often cost $200 dollars or less and can be completed in a couple of days. 

It is common to endure the headache of an ex-spouse that is not fulfilling their child support obligation. Some may skip payments now and then, and others do not pay at all. If the latter, the parent seeking child support must spend money on attorney’s fees to file a Contempt complaint or a similar lawsuit. 

When an ex does not pay child support it impacts the household income and your child. Your child is unable to attend school activities and you may struggle without the additional income that allows you to pay for the running of a household with a child. Even if you are earning a good living, not having child support impacts the overall household living and can hit things like saving for a college fund.

The purpose of doing an asset search is to find out if you can recover child support from your ex or whether your ex is genuinely unable to pay. Sometimes an asset search reveals that a deadbeat ex-spouse does not have the ability to pay. Knowing this can give you clarity on whether to pursue legal fees in a collection action.

An asset search from a reputable company can reveal tangible assets such as real estate, automobiles, boats, aircraft, recreational vehicles, and trademarks. They can also uncover trusts and business interests. It is possible that your ex-spouse has more than liquid assets and could potentially pay their due. Asset Searches Plus, Inc., for example, provides a quick, dependable, and affordable way of determining whether it is worth it to pursue a spouse who does not pay child support. It can also uncover unknown assets and lead to economic benefits for your household and your child. In addition, an asset search uncovers any liabilities your subject may have such as bankruptcies, federal and state tax liens, uniform commercial code liens, judgments, criminal matters, and other lawsuits. 

At Asset Searches Plus, Inc., a nationwide asset search costs $185.00 for an individual subject and $165.00 for a corporate entity, and the turnaround time is usually less than two days. All that is usually needed to conduct a search is the name and last known address of your subject.

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