Hiring someone to join the team means putting your trust in an employee who will have the keys to some of the company’s most sensitive data. This person will also be a decision-maker who could influence the direction of the company. Not only that, but according to federal sentencing guidelines organizations must exercise “reasonable” due diligence in hiring or appointing “substantial authority personnel” to positions where their behavior could affect others and could potentially lead to criminal conduct. 

Not everyone is aware that hiring represents a key part of a company’s compliance obligations. When you are recruiting a key employee to your team, the process can be arduous. Despite multiple interviews and reference checks, it can all fall apart if you have missed the part of the person’s biography in which they have a history of criminal conduct or unethical behavior. 

Fortunately, an asset search is a quick and inexpensive way to ensure you have professionally researched the candidates for your executive team. An asset search can uncover criminal or unethical conduct, financial insolvency and other factors that could influence an important hiring decision at a company.

Executives on the C-Suite have access to data and authority over decision-making that could affect the company profoundly. There is a wealth of information about a person that could go unnoticed and have an unwanted impact. Even with a reference check and multiple interviews, HR, the executive team, and the board of directors might have missed something important. Whether it is a conflict of interest, criminal or unethical conduct or financial insolvency, an asset search can assets and liabilities and other records about a person that can help to “satisfy due diligence” when hiring personnel with significant responsibility within the company.

Asset searches are quick and relatively inexpensive and usually cost less than $ 200 for an individual asset search. 

If a company is hiring a high-level member of their team, it is strongly advised to conduct an asset search as part of the hiring process. Please contact us to get a quote and learn more about asset searches and what they can uncover.