For most people, the internet has become the primary source for finding information when you are looking for something. When you type in “find an asset search company” on Google, you will see pages of results. You may feel overwhelmed and confused. You want to choose the most qualified and reliable asset search company available, but how do you do this? This article will tell you what to look for when selecting an asset search company and will help you minimize the scope of your online search so that you can easily find the right company to conduct your asset searches.
  1. 1. Experience
  “Experience” is probably the first and most important thing that you want to know to evaluate the qualifications of an asset search company and this word should be added to your Google search. The more experience the company has accumulated and the longer the asset search company has been in business, the better. The time that a company has been in business can tell you a lot about their experience. More likely than not, a company that has been in business for ten (10) years or more will know the law regarding what is legally permissible or not and will know how to obtain all that you need to know to satisfy your due diligence and provide you with a comprehensive report filled with then necessary permissible information.
  1. 2. Legal Professionals
  You should always choose an asset search company that is staffed with legal professionals because they are knowledgeable in more than just providing asset search reports. If a report is conducted using unlawful means, the client could be viciously liable. For example, bank account searches are no longer permissible since President Clinton signed the Financial Services Modernization Act into law in 1999. However, there are still a handful of companies claiming that they are capable of doing bank account searches. Be aware that these companies attempt to conduct bank account searches by use of false pretense, which is considered a federal crime under the Financial Services Modernization Act. You, as the customer who ordered the asset search, could be liable as well. Asset search companies with experienced attorneys on board can advise you on how to properly conduct your search and what kind of search will best satisfy your needs under the circumstances. So always ask your prospective asset search company the background of their investigators or employees, and include the word “attorneys” as part of your Google search.
  1. 3. Reliable and Trustworthy
  Your asset search reports should be prepared and returned to you within the time period specified in the company’s website or order form. If you need the report returned quickly, specify the time frame for your search when you Google. Also, if you have a question, there should be an actual phone number to call and the person that you are directed to should be able to provide a full name and direct phone extension or email for follow-up questions. Companies that have been around for years have been able to do so because they are trusted by their clients and because they continue to receive referrals by “word of mouth” by satisfied clients. 4. Good Ethics Confidentiality is another key point to consider. A qualified asset search company will maintain strict confidentiality on the work product produced and the clients’ identity. 5. Quality of the Report   Make sure that the asset search company can provide a professional looking report that you will be eager to read or share with your client. The report should be easy to understand and if at all possible, should include an explanatory report with the underlying report. The reports should also be sent by email so that you can share the same with your client or vice versa. Conclusion: If the company that you are considering for an asset search meets these expectations identified above, it is safe to say that you have made a great choice. For additional information, please contact at 1(800)290-1012 or . One of the staff attorneys will be happy to answer and respond to any questions that you may have. Thank you.